Electric motor assembly

The assembly of an electric motor must be done by specialized teams in this procedure to ensure proper functionality after the have done. There are companies specializing in electric motor assembly where you can hire manpower.

For those who have doubts existing instructions and tips on the electric motor of the manual itself. On the internet you can also find several tutorials that show how to do step by step. You can find many useful hints on how to assemble an electric motor so that people have no doubt.


Making the correct assembly of electric motor you can make it work perfectly. And some part was mounted wrong this may compromise the effectiveness in its use, not to mention that it might damage the engine. Therefore give preference to professionals who actually work in the area, so you can have a correct assembly of your engine model. Each model and electric motor type requires a different assembly.

Universal motor is also known as electric motor and works by alternating or direct current

Called universal motor, the electric motor can operate making use of an alternating current or direct current. The electric motor, also called universal, has field field windings and armor that are connected in series and receive food from a single source can be either single-phase alternating as continuous.

When the electric or universal motor receives power through the DC voltage, the engine operating mode takes place as if it were a DC motor, but if it is powered by a sinusoidal AC voltage single phase, the engine will also work the same way, because both armatures as the field current are the same and when the polarity is changed, the processing time also suffers.

The electric motor torque consists in that the flow is produced by the field and the direction of the armature current at the same time. where can i find 1125 4 200 coxreels

Here’s how to identify the acronyms board engine

It is called RPM revolutions per minute and rotated at full load.

Class Category D kW HP or HP 127100 is showing IMPORTANCE power in kW and motor CV.

The acronym N category means the engine theClass, has three classes deliberate in NBR 7094 code that are CAT.N that propose the activation of normal loads such as machine tools to CAT.H class is used for loads that send more torque on starting .

The abbreviation ISOL.F shows the insulating model that was used in this engine, and for this case the category of elevation is 70 K a5850 olp. They are three in number, the insulating used, B for rise of 70K, 104K F for lifting H for lifting and 115 K.

The description mentions FS 1.0 to a factor that, juxtaposed to nominal power, which shows the allowable load can be continuously applied to the motor under specific conditions, that is, a power reserve which gives the electric motor.